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Traveling with toddlers? Here are fun activities to try

We've been on the road now for over 11 months. The girls were only 9 months when we started this crazy adventure, now they are full-blown toddlers which also means we need to entertain them more!

I figured it was time to write a post about some of our favorite things to do to pass our time together as we travel through the US in our self-converted Skoolie.


One of the main activities we have been enjoying since the girls were born until now is hiking. We get to see new views, travel to far away places, get our exercise on, and also really explore and meet nature up close and personal. Everywhere we go, we open our AllTrail App and see what trails there are around. We usually try not to do more than 3 miles (about 6 km) since it's both hard to carry the girls so long and also because they get antsy around the 3-mile point. If you are new to hiking, you can check out my previous post about some tips on hiking with littles. This is definitely a great way to spend the day and now that they are getting bigger, they are enjoying walking some of the trail themselves.


We joke a lot of times that we are actually doing a US tour of the best playgrounds in the US. It's no joke though because it's pretty much true! Playgrounds are SO fun, and each one is so different so the girls never get bored.

Recreational Centers

Most of us don't own a pool, so this is where Rec Centers really come in handy! They usually have kid pools (sometimes they even have floaties and other pool toys) and it's almost always a lot of fun! The best part? You get a nice long warm shower after too :) Be sure to check with the rec center their family swim hours before you go!

Public Libraries

Another free activity that you can find in practically every town and city and no one is alike! We love libraries, especially on days when the weather is either too hot, too cold, or rainy.

Museums/interactive art exhibits

This is a recent addition to our travels as now the girls are looking to interact more, test boundaries and try new things. We took them to the children's museum of Denver the other week and we spent all day there, they had the best time ever and it's great stimulation for their brains and bodies!

Kid stores/Gymboree

We recently spent time in Taos, NM where we came across a store called Twirl. It's a non-profit toy store with a beautiful outdoor playground, and an indoor room where there are free workshops and activities, and every room has tables and toys that the kids can play with. The store is in this sort of cave-looking building where each little nook and area is set up with different toys and activities. We spent a good chunk of our time there, the girls got to try out new toys (they loved taking the stroller for a walk and putting silk cloths under the fan that made them fly in the air), and we also got to interact with many other kids which is always a huge plus! Other places we loved in the past are Barnes & Noble stores- they always have a kid's section that not only has books but usually train sets and other toys to play with. Bottom line is, toy stores are not always just for buying, sometimes you can actually find them. a store that is more like an indoor play pin.

A rule of thumb for us is whenever we get to a new destination, the first thing we do is go on Google Maps and search "Toddler Activities" , you would be surprised at how many amazing things come up!

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