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Slight Change of Plans

Ok guys, wow. What a whirlwind!

As most of you know we have been contemplating a lot about our future lately. Living in a tiny van with growning twin toddlers is HECTIC AF. There’s not enough space, the girls throw everything in hands reach on the floor, we both can’t sit comfortably in the evenings, and it just doesn’t feel very homey. We’ve been having non stop concerts of how we want to live and raise our girls. We came to the conclusion that we want to continue traveling and living nomadicly right now, but just in a bigger space. We were debating between a 23 foot and a 30 foot skoolie. I won’t go too much into our reasonings but in the end we decided on a 23 foot skoolie bc we knew we wanted to be very mobile and also be in cities.

After Ori drove the skoolie from Vegas to Colorado, we looked at it and started having second thoughts. Then we talked to a friend who gave us good advice- to think of what is important for us and what are each of our goals.

We realized that we want to have a home, feel comfortable but still travel. Ideally we want to be spending time in Mexico/Central America this coming winter so we need something bigger that can accommodate our needs as a family.

Funny enough we had this discussion on the way to the festival this past weekend and then on the side of the highway we saw Rocky Mountain Bus co, called them up and bam! They had the exact 30 foot skoolie we wanted but is very hard to come by!

So slight change of plans. We’re currently selling our 23 foot skoolie, and are going to start converting our 30 foot skoolie instead!

If before we felt like we were compromising a bit, not we are so excited and feel very happy and whole with our decision. The next couple of weeks are going to be very challenging- converting the bus, taking care of the girls, and also trying to sell our current van and second bus, so wish us luck!! We signed up for a service called Trusted House Sitters which allows us to at least have a home while we are working on the conversion.

What we take from this slight detour is that never rush to make a decision and try not to compromise, with little patience and time you can always find what you’re looking for 🚌

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