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  • Tal Nimrodi

Driving from Phoenix to Flagstaff, Arizona?

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Here are some must see & dos:

📍Lake pleasant (which is actually an artificial reservoir!)- lots of recreational water sports and clear water for swimming. You can drive your car right up to the water in some spots. youre likely to see some wild Burros along the way!

Oh, and turns out there’s the World's Tallest Floating Waterslide there too 😎

📍Wickenburg- it’s like going back in time to the cowboy era. The historic town has a tourist info center and statues that play back some of its history

📍Prescott forest- lots of beautiful hikes and picnic stops.

📍Lake Watson- actually another reservoir (makes sense when you think of it

📍From Prescott drive through the Mingus mountain scenic road, stopping in Jerome

📍Jerome- cute little mining town to walk around. go see the Jerome state historic park and check out the Audrey Headframe park to get a look into an old mine (it’s insanely deep!)

📍Cottonwood- stroll around the town, some great vegan cafes like Crema Cafe.

📍Sedona- take a dip in oak creek overlooking cathedral mountain, hike one of the several trails, hit up the chocolatree for some delicious vegan food and so much more. We’ll do a separate post on Sedona since we’re here for a while!

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