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5 Essential Products For Camping With Babies

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

It’s no doubt that camping with small children means packing more stuff, but how can we distinguish between what is actually a must and what is just nice to have?

We have been living in a van with our twin babies for over eight months–from their ripe baby age of seven months all the way to now, full-out toddlers living their best 16-month-old life.

There is definitely a very short period of time in your baby’s life that camping with them is a breeze. I like to call it the ‘golden age’ of camping- between the months that they can hold up their own head to the time they are just about starting to walk. Once they start walking, you’ll definitely need to baby proof your camp site which means you’ll need to pack a lot more stuff!

As minimalists who live in a small space, we could really only fit in the essentials so I thought I would share them with you here.

Let’s start with the most basic- a comfortable baby carrier will definitely be something that you’ll want to use often when camping. Whether it’s to free up your hands to set up camp, make dinner, or take a sunset stroll, a good carrier will go a long way. After trying literally every single carrier on this planet (I mean, when you have twins it’s easier to test out all the options) I can say that the Ergobaby Omni 360 is my most trusty carrier. At first I felt like it was too bulky (and not very stylish) but the versatility and functionality outwins it all. Even now when my babies have put on quite some weight the Omni is still comfortable. It can be worn front and back, and with the baby facing in or out so it’s perfect for almost any situation.

The next product is perfect for those times you don’t feel like having baby on board your back. The perfect campsite addition- meet wooden swing! Anyone with a baby knows that in order to get a baby to calm down, some form of rocking motion is a must. Now, you are probably not going to be bringing a bosu ball with you, so bringing a swing and finding a nice tree to hang it up in camp is great. Here is the swing we use and love by Money & Milan. Of course a hammock will also do, but if you want to let your baby chill on their own, a swing will be a better option.

Pack and Play- To be honest, we ended up not taking ours when we moved into the van, but I can say that there were many moments that I wish I did. Having the option to put your baby down for a nap or letting them hang out and play on their own without having to keep an eye out for them rolling in dirt/eating rocks/ falling off a bed is great. This also doubles as a mosquito net which can definitely be crucial in some places! This is the pack-n-play we used to have, it packs the smallest, has a side opening, a sun shade and a mosquito cover- all around great product.

If your baby is already sitting up, another must for camping is a high chair that can connect to a picnic table. We have the Inglesina portable high chair, which we use both at home and now on the road. With adjustable arms that fit tables up to 3.3” thick, this chair will fit all standard picnic tables. When not in use, it collapses down making it portable and very easy to store in your car.

Just be careful! Make sure you aren’t putting him on the edge of a table that not connected to the ground, if you get up the table might tip over!

Lastly, having some form of way to shower your baby is definitely important, especially if they are at crawling age which means they probably rolled in dirt all day. If you want to be really minimalistic, you can double your collapsible sink as a shower for your babe, but if you want to get fancy, you can get this collapsible tub that has a removable heat sensitive plug and holds down very small.

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