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A Free Way To Travel To Almost Any Destination

When we first bought the bus and decided we wanted to convert it into a tiny home, we knew we needed to find a place to post up for a little while. We wanted to sell the van and knew the bus wouldn’t be livable for at least a month. Airbnb is an expensive option, especially when you don’t really have an income, and finding housing on Facebook or Craigslist is just a pain in the butt. We heard about this app called Trusted House Sitters and decided to give it a try.

Trusted House Sitters is a paid service, both for the pet owners and the house sitters, making it a reliable source for both parties involved. We signed up for the service and started browsing for houses that needed a sitter in the Boulder/Denver area. We applied to about 20, no joke, and at first, since we didn’t have any reviews, it felt like it was going to be impossible to find someone who would trust us based on our profile. So we wrote a really good profile, and when we applied for house sits, we created a message that included a little about us, a link to our social media, our experience with pets, and why we want to house sit. After that, we started getting a lot of responses and took on our first sit!

We also saw this as an opportunity to expose the girls to animals since we don’t get to hang out with many pets while on the road.

Prior to this month and a half of house sitting, Sol was a bit scared of dogs and cats, and by the end of our last house sit she was literally chasing the cat and hugging the dog at any opportunity she had.

For us, this service has been so clutch! It allowed us to have a home while we built out our bus, expose the girls to dogs

and cats, and experience what it’s like to be stationary for a while without having to spend money on rent. We got to know Denver and Boulder like real locals and we will definitely be using this service more during our travels.

So if you want to go out and travel, check out this app to find free house stays and if you are. a pet owner looking for your next trip away from home with peace of mind that your pet is in good hands, check out Trusted House Sitters. Simply put, Trusted House Sitters is pet care that takes you places.

**FYI- we do get a small commission if you use our link to sign up for this service.

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